How to register and complete the Iron Ore (WA) Compliance eLearning Portal

Below you will find instructions on how to login to the Iron Ore (WA) Compliance Training Website and complete the training required to be a visitor on any of our sites. To access the website you will need to have MAC OS, Win XP or Windows 7 computer or any tablet (No Ipad/Iphone) with the latest flash player installed and your browser set to receive cookies.

1. Enter the URL ‘’ on your web browser.

2. Left click on the I’d like to register button in the first screen to register yourself on the portal.

3. This will take you to the registration page where the user details have to be entered. The fields with next to them are mandatory. Please make a note of the username & password as those will be required at a later stage of this process. Below is an example. The details entered here will appear on your certificate of completion at the end.

4. When all the fields have been completed, click . There will be a pop up box confirming that the registration has been completed successfully. Click to go to the next screen.

5. The next screen will be a login screen where your login details have to be entered again. Enter your details then left click on .

6. There will be a pop-up screen confirming that you have logged in.

7. You will need to Left click on the ‘Open Course’ button under the course that you would like to complete. Once you click on this a new screen will open with the training material.

8. The training course will open in a new window. This screen displays the learning objectives for this course and after reading, click in the bottom right corner to go to the Learning Content. Some of the courses may have multiple sections which you will need to go through before getting to the learning content.

9. A list of the learning content will be displayed on the current screen. Left click on the first content to start the video. If you have a poor video connection you may need to pause and let the video download (buffer). This example is for the Visitor Induction but all of the courses follow the same format.

10. After any of the videos or section finish you will need to click on this icon on the top right to return to the menu and start the next video topic or learning section.

11. After going through all the topics return to the ‘Learning Content’ tab by clicking and now you will see that the Assessment tab will now be available. Click on this to access the assessment.

12. Click on ‘Start the Online Assessment’ tab to start the assessment. You have to achieve 100% in order to pass.

13. In the assessment, the answers can be selected by clicking on them. After selecting an answer, it will display instantly if that was the correct answer or not. Click regardless.

14. On completion of the course, if the result is not 100% then please click on the ‘Start New Attempt’ tab. This will take you back only to the questions which were answered incorrectly.

15. When the mandatory 100% result is achieved, the following screen will appear and you will have the option to print out the certificate of completion. Click on the Print Icon and you will be asked to select a printer to print to. Keep a copy of this and provide to your site escort on arrival. If your computer has a PDF print function this might be best for emailing and storage for a later time.

16. If at any time you lose your certificate log back in and you will be taken to the assessment screen where you will be prompted to complete the questions again and then be able to print another.